Scholardox (2002-2014)

Prof. James D. Wells (University of Michigan)

manuscripts created mainly for lectures and research background

Particle Physics

P6 Lectures on the symmetries and interactions of particle physics (2013) [pdf]

P5 Energy and luminosity scaling of the sensitivity to dimension-six operators at high-energy e+e- colliders (2013) [pdf]

P4 Higgs Boson Physics in the Standard Model and Beyond (2009) [link]

P3 Introduction to Precision Electroweak Analysis (2005) [link]

P2 Implications of supersymmetry breaking with a little hierarchy between gauginos and scalars (2003) [link]

P1 Heisenberg's failed prophecy for particle physics (2002) [pdf]

Mathematical Methods

M1 Rotationally invariant integrals of arbitrary dimensions (2014) [pdf]

Foundations of Science

F4 Naturalness, and how its application to QED envisages the Standard Model (2013) [link]

F3 Effective field theories and the role of consistency in theory choice (2012) [link]

F2 Interactions of the arts and sciences (2012) [video]

F1 The inevitability of Mercury's anomalous perihelion precession (2011) [link]

Education & Research

E10 On eliminating the university lecture, from Nabokov’s Pnin, 1957 (2014) [pdf]

E9 Factors that determine success in learning (2014) [pdf]

E8 Stanford University president compares American and German students, 1903 (2014) [pdf]

E7 Student petitions his professor, Russia 1899 (2014) [pdf]

E6 In praise of theory and speculation, with help from John Steinbeck (2014) [pdf]

E5 University enrollment pressures of the 1930s and Kinsey's sexual revolution (2014) [pdf]

E4 Completing Hirsch's h factor measuring scholarly impact (2014) [pdf]

E3 Advice from the Soviet Union on how to become a great physicist (2013) [pdf]

E2 Advice on becoming a true scientist, from Arrowsmith (2011) [pdf]

E1 Educating a young scientist (2002) [pdf]

Energy & Security

G3 Science background to North Korea's nuclear bomb program (2011) [pdf]

G2 Energy after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident in Japan (2011) [video,slides]

G1 High-Voltage DC transmission lines (2011) [pdf]


L3 Advocating two-column landscape format for scholarly online articles (2013) [pdf]

L2 English-German particle physics vocabulary (2013) [pdf]

L1 Suggestions for how to spell English in international reports (2013) [pdf]