J.D. Wells. Scholardox Reader I : Esssays and Commentary. Otium Arbor Press, 2016. [pdf]

Table of Contents

Citation inflation and its remedies 

English dominance may be hurting science? 

Max Planck confidently explaining a wrong theory of Uranium, 1929

University of Florida president rails against abuses in intercollegiate athletics and fraternities ... in 1920

Montaigne (1533-1592) describes how students are to be taught to argue

Excellent scientists can have life balance

Successful people work insanely hard 

Wisconsin student not impressed with the flipped classroom

Spring break without doing physics or math problems can lower your IQ

All explanations end with ‘it just does’

You can still succeed in science with a non-science background

Longhand writing better than laptop for note taking

Athenodorus teaches Roman Emperor Claudius how to write well

Difference between a cathedral and a physics lab?

Study of nature far superior to other human activities?

On eliminating the university lecture, from Nabokov’s Pnin, 1957

Factors that determine success in learning

In praise of theory and speculation, with help from John Steinbeck

Stanford University president compares American and German students, 1903

Advice from the Soviet Union on how to become a great physicist

University enrollment pressures of the 1930s and Kinsey's sexual revolution

Completing Hirsch’s h-index measuring scholarly impact

Student petitions his professor, Russia 1899

Heisenberg’s Failed Prophecy for Particle Physics

Suggestions for How to Spell English in International Reports

Cicero on cosmology in Roman antiquity

Strict oversight at Collège de Dainville, Paris, 1380

Teach with enthusiasm and devotion

Examine your students properly

Higher talent required to explain broadly than to impart specialized knowledge

Student evaluations of teaching are of limited value

Advice on becoming a true scientist from Sinclair Lewis’s Arrowsmith

Professor von Jolly’s 1878 prediction of the end of theoretical physics, as reported by Max Planck 

Reprehensible behavior in a large population theorem

Breakdown of the 1994 Agreed Framework between the United States and North Korea

Ginzburg’s regret at not being the first to discover the BCS theory of superconductivity

“Please, sir, I want some more citations”

Traits of extraordinary achievers

The “vagrant and unfocused” career of Leonardo da Vinci

Pascal’s Conformal Commitment

1936, the year of the first Fields Medalist, and the year MIT kicked him out